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Jame-Balance & Spinner Products


Spinner will help you find your centre, which is the key to your balance. Practice under the supervision of your coach, during group practice or in your own home. Read more...


In balance exercises place Jame-Balancer under your feet, palms, elbows or buttocks. Read more...


Jame-Soft used on top of Jame-Balancer intensifies middle body control and muscle strength exercises. Read more...

Balance boards

We specialize in training products that improve your balance, rotation and muscle fitness. Our goal is to further develop these products according to the needs of our customers. In consultation with various sports experts, we are continuously developing additional training instructions to the needs of the individual sports. This ensures that your Spinner or Balancer is of most benefit to you.

To whom?

Figure-Skaters, Ballet Dancers, Cross Country, Skiers, Fitness Enthusiasts, Physiotherapy.

From the menu you can find which of the two products is better suited to the recommended exercises for your chosen sport.


Our e-mail address and phone number can be found on our Contact Us page. Should you require further information about our products or how to order them, we are always happy to help whether you are a business or an individual customer. On these pages you can also find a list of our retailers in Finland or overseas.

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